I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.


Big news. BIIIG news.

Okay, so I've been threatened by my sisters have promised to write the story.

I'm going to jump to the punch line and work backward.

I am ENGAGED to a boy named Joseph William Wade!!!

Please watch!

This is a project our team helped write a grant for. WE NEED HELP!

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I love these shoes! Amber started by being the queen of buying, buying 8 pair. I bought 4 and justified it in my head saying I'll probably give at least 1 pair away. Then I went and replaced all my sandals later for $3 each so definitely ended up buying more than 8 pairs of shoes by the end of the trip...I'm queen of rationalization so, I left two broken pairs of sandals and my three year old gymshoes behind to justify the purchases.
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The Golden Temple-Amritsar




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Dharamshala = love




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The photo taking phenomenon



Frequently while traveling I look up and see situations like these. A group of 1-3 guys taking pictures of me or who I'm with on their phones. Although a little weird, it makes me a lot more justified to take pictures of them ("them" = people I see in India, I pretty much never want to take pictures of people that take pictures of me).
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Ghandi's home and the place where he was killed in Delhi




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Mata Temple- Amritsar


this is a temple of fertility. It's located in the middle of Amritsar and is set up like a maze. You walk past a lot of fallic looking sculptures and then a room of mirrors, past a few hundred statues, and then through a womb looking stream and into the main hall.

Amber, Natalie, and I have a competition to first with triplets (if you get it then you get to have all of the three matching blankets we bought). I felt like I connected the most with the temple. Come on triplets!
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Night Market


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DC reunions




We met up with 11 DC-ers in Delhi as we all overlapped one night before Amber, Natalie, and I headed north. It was fun to catch up for a few hours even if it was 2am.
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Wagha Border







This was in Amritsar. We have VIP treatment. it was awesome. I'll definitely get some better pictures up later once I get some of natalies photos.




The Bahai Lotus Temple and Agra Fort




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I'll write about this shortly

Taj Mahal









I went on a tour to the Taj Mahal by myself. Besides it being a 20 hour tour in the end, I had a good time and made some new friends.

We went to Agra fort first where it was raining profusely. Things then dried up a bit, we went to lunch and a tacky touristy shop, then to the Taj Mahal. The cost of one foreigners ticket vs 1 local ticket was out of control. A local ticket is 20 rupees (50 cents) a foreigners price is 750 rupees ($20). Not cool.


The sites were worth it.

One of my new friends told me there was a huge Yanni concert there a few years ago. Here is a clip:

After the Taj Mahal or the tribute to love, we went on to the Lord Krishna's birthplace. Which was really interesting. We were stuck at a train crossing for 3 hours so that made it less exciting for me and since we were so late, we only had 15 minutes before the temple closed. We therefore RAN from one place to the next following our tourguide. Hinduism is a religion that I don't understand as much but the temple was really beautiful, pretty clean, and festive.

Lord Krishna was born and then on his birth night his father carried him in a dream to a land that is about 50 km away to be raised there. He is blue and created a mountain with his little finger.
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