I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

Locked out

Our front door is locked by a big padlock we keep with a metal clasp. It’s rare that everyone is out of the house with random sicknesses and people working on projects from home but a few nights ago we did all leave together. We went down our crowded and always wet with something street and grabbed some dinner. I had another errand to run so when I came back to the apartment everyone else was standing outside the door in the dark. They told me that we are locked out. I didn’t get it until they explained that the lock by the doorknob shut. I went downstairs to our landlord and of course, they didn’t have a key. All of our doors and windows are barred and we do have a back door with a key hangng about 15 feet away on a string.
So, here is what happened.

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  1. sleeping on the streets in india would have been possibly a bit too intense for you and all your volunteers. i'm glad you all were creative enough to get the keys!!