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Rockin the Stache

A couple weeks ago in an auto home, marie, mandy, and natalie were discussing the mustache phenomenon here. Natalie threw out that an estimated 80% of guys have a 'stache. Mandy refuted her claim and was adamant about only about 20%. So, they did a random sampling and for the rest of the ride home had one count mustaches and one count shaved to get a percentage.

Turns out that 72% of men over 18 have mustaches.

I love it.

The man on the side of the road who always has business trimming peoples mustaches without any overhead of a shop rent, will probably stay busy and continue to make pure profits in the time to come.


  1. there's nothing much sexier than a good mustache...

    said megan sarcastically.

  2. that is great. I am glad that statistic doesnt hold true in america haha