I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

I've arrived.

So, yes. I am here. I'm pretty excited to be here! There is something magical about going to a new place. I just love it.

So, after 24 hours of travel I landed at 4:55am in Hyderabad and made it safely to meet taylor at the Secunderabad YMCA hostel. Honestly, some things are as expected, lots of honking, riksha's, motorcycles and cars, lots of small shops everywhere, and a lot of people. I haven't seen any other caucasions and am sweating a lot, but today is pretty overcast so it's not too bad. My cab driver told me it was supposed to get to 44 degrees centigrade... Hopefully that doesn't happen for a while. We have been riding around on the back of two ward members scooters all day and found an amazing house that would be perfect, but I'm not sure if it's going to work out. They are hesitant about renting it to us for only four months. I took a "powernap" when I got in and taylor had to knock three different times to wake me up, so I'm guessing I am a bit tired.

I have no idea how to navigate through this city, it's really confusing. It's a little overwhelming but adrenaline is numbing my exhaustion as my mind is in overdrive with all the stimulation of a new place.

The women all dress in traditional sari's and these really beautiful fabrics. I need to get some because I'm going to stick out even more than normal without. We've had some great food and so far every person I've talked to has been really warm and helpful. I'm crossing my fingers that the pattern continues.

We drove into the YMCA at 7am and there was a rollerskating club out front just rollerskating slowly around this cement basketball field area. That's when I felt the most at home :).

We went to the church building which is beautiful. It's two stories, new, and there are four branches that meet in it. I think the ward is expecting a lot from us, which is a little tricky considering we are supposed to be an unaffiliated, but they are doing soo much to help us. Turns out we may have committed to speak at youth conference next week. I guess it's better than last year in uganda being in the political parade and procession with the mayor.


  1. ahhh! I can't believe you are there. I didn't even think they'd have a church building there for some reason. Amazing!

    I cannot wait to keep hearing all about it... so basically you better update often!

  2. wu hu! i didn't even know that you had peaced out to india already! best of luck to you kjoy, i'm sure it will be an adventure :)

  3. I am excited for a new adventure blog :) I am glad you made it safe and sound, now for all the craziness to begin!!!