I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

May 11, 2010

Yesterday was very productive. We got up and Taylor went to get us a map around 10am. Will and I stayed back and made calls. He went through our list of potential partners and it was good. We then went to go check email and to eat lunch. Email took 20 years to get going because we had to once again sign our lives away with photocopy ids, phone numbers, and addresses. I'm not putting my real information but it's still annoying. We went to the paradise restaurant again and got the family chicken meal with had chicken piryani (a Hyderabad special) and butter chicken and a little bit of tandoori chicken. It was good but I think I’m going to go vegetarian this summer. There were a lot of bones with the chicken that I wasn’t a fan of. We sat and ate in an alleyway. Taylor sat on the ground and will and I all just munched on the yummy food. We looked over and there was a small fire in some sticks close by to where we were eating so the boys went and poured their half full water bottles on it to try and help the Indian guards who were running with trashcans of water. With the very equal contribution, the fire was put out and smoky the bear can sleep easy another night. We then went and met with CARPED with Subash. We talked to him for 2.5 hours. He is awesome. They are doing so many projects that would be fun to help them with. We could set up our volunteers with internships with them. They did a lot of work with hysterectomy awareness because there were tons of women who were getting them from sketchy doctors for reasons like abdominal pain or menstrual cramps. We talked about their other projects and they do really good work. He wants to open a science center. He is also doing a social venture competition, is willing to work with us on projects that we come up with, and is very connected with other ngos.

On our way back in our riksha while Will was mesmerized by a photo of a shirtless guy with guns and fire, we got a call from Isaiah who was waiting for us with his friend Christopher. We made them wait for a while but met with them at the church. Christopher works for 104 organization who does a bunch of health work. He works with Daniel arso who is a really big deal in development here. They work with schools in slums and do a ton of work with the "rag pickers." He wants us to do a lot of work with the people in the slums. He also had another movie director friend who came to the meeting and who may want me to be in one of his Telegu movies. I gave him my contact info. They had a few business ideas with about 1000 percent returns. So if anyone is looking for an investment opportunity, let me know. :)

It was record breakingly hot yesterday. As in, 44 degrees celcius. The hottest day in 25 years. I'm so glad I am here to experience it...

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  1. LOVE the blog!! Sounds like you're fitting right in, and glad to hear things are going well. We missed you at graduation, but in your usual stride, you're making yourself much more useful to the world. Can't wait to read more :)
    P.S. Shirtless guy on riksha is Salman Khan... a huge Bollywood star.
    P.P.S. I'm waiting for a pic of you in a sari :)