I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

May 10, 2010

We walked outside yesterday at 10am and were hit with a wave of heat. There were around 5 beggars that asked us for stuff. I’m going to buy a bag of nuts or something to give out. I don't know how to deal with that population. I don't want to perpetuate a slumdog millionare-esque business, but I also am here to work with these people and the begging population definitely counts as a very vulnerable population. Ideas are welcomed.

We ate at paradise a restaurant which was awesome food. It was seriously delicious; except they didn’t give us utensils and so we had to eat it by hand. I failed. We then came back and got ready for church and headed over. Right when I sat down the tiredness hit. I have never in my life struggled with staying awake during church as much as I did yesterday. It was funny. There are a lot of adorable kids at church and a lot of people with names I have a hard time remembering. There are a lot of church people around. 4 branches in the city to be exact and way more guys than girls. I guess first and last names are interchangeable so I'm not really sure who is related to who and I hear that wives will frequently keep their last name and maybe give their children a whole different last name that is different than both parents.

Here is a video of driving around in a Riksha, take note of how many people we almost hit.

After church we went to dinner and it was really good. I finally have an excuse to eat on the floor and with my hands.

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  1. yay, updates! remember london and sandwiches to the homeless people? that was cool.... maybe that would work, but you'd probably have to make a lot more sandwiches I am thinking. I think nuts and other types of food is a really good idea. Hm, i'll think on this one.

    Are most of the people that go to church natives then? i was thinking there would be some expats, but i guess it's not really an expat area... pics, please!!