I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.


Alice is a jolly woman who is a great cook. Taylor definitely hid the curry powder from her to try to deter the 2 heaping scoops that she frequently would add into everything she made, but generally she does a great job with the curry and rice we eat every night. Generally it all tastes the same, but it's really good.

In south India, they use a lot of curry leaves, cumin, cardamon, sesame, salt, garlic ginger paste, and cinnamon and cloves to make curry. All in one pot. It is very flavorful. that's for sure. I really like it. My favorite are curries with Dahl (lentils). There are also green mangoes that they put into some of the curries.

Alice was married off at age 17 to her uncle (then 54 years old) because he was a drinker and her mom wanted her to help motivate him to change. It worked! He did change and they had two kids and sadly he died of a heart attack about five years ago. Alice is probably now about 50 years old. She calls everyone "sister" and is full of smiles.

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