I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

Some photo updates

Look who showed up! Natalie came in safe and sound friday morning at 3am. I waited patiently for her until 5:15 am when she finally came out, baggless. Nonetheless, they delivered her bags and were very thorough with their customer service. She didn't know her address or my phone number (it was in her checked bag), so that tacked on at least an hour to the process but they were really great afterward. We really blend in here.

Marie and Kiira bought a bunch of cakes for us from our local bakery, they were pretty to behold and almost tasty. A little soggy but about a expected after having eaten many an asian cake in my day.

The Charminar in old city. I love that building.

Sagar Hussain. It can be really pretty although while driving by at dusk I recommend bringing a handkerchief to breathe through to avoid the smell. I did see windsurfers in there and we are pretty sure it would be the most intense windsurfing experience because of the risk of falling into the acid water and probably having your skin melt off. That being said, it can be romantic. The Buddha statue in the middle is the largest Buddha statue in the world carved from a single rock.

I love hyderabad! We watched the world cup heart breaker game (well part of it) from midnight to 3am at Jane's house and although it is tragic the US is out, I hope Ghana goes far.

We said goodbye to five members of our team who are going off for two weeks to a rural village in eastern india to do research for SKS microfinance. It's going to be an amazing experience for them. They may get published on their website as well! If it happens I'll definitely put up the link.

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