I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

Mumbai and the rescue foundation

Last week Matt from the office was here visiting and Mandy came from the states. We left Taylor and Mandy behind and went to Mumbai and to the Rescue Foundation. They are really amazing. We spent two to three days with the organization. They The Rescue Foundation is an anti-sex trafficking organization located in Mumbai. They are a really impressive organization that rescues girls from brothels and repatriates them. The organization is really interested in us working with them but our ability to work with them might be limited by the distance (and 18 hour train ride). How we might contribute:
• Social Venture competition
• Fundraising and grants
• Carpentry
• Helping with a laundry business
• Documentary

The pictures with all those girls in it are 46 girls that were just rescued on May 10th. You would have no idea that a month ago they were being brainwashed, drugged, and forced into prostitution. It breaks my heart but also gives me a lot of hope knowing there are organizations like this around.

Some of the photos show their Bolsar home. A german man donated 50 acres of land and other european organizations have worked with the solar panel, a bio diesel plant, a cattle farm, and a big compost pile that they are going to work on.

If you want more information on the organization, go to their website or watch one of the many documentaries they are featured in:
1. The day my God died
2. Brothels to Brides
3. She created
...there are more but I forgot their titles right now.

Their executive director is this very inspiring and humble. She loves all the girls as if they were daughters and goes to each brothel bust and asks the girls to come with her. The rescue foundation rescues about 1000 girls a year.

We are going to a conference about sex trafficking tomorrow and are really excited about it.
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We took a train with a TON of people on it. Luckily they had an all women's cart. They also left all the doors open so it was breezy.

While we were driving (EVERYTHING is two hours away), a little boy came up to our window and this is what he wanted to sell us.

Mumbai is a much more developed city than Hyderabad. It was really fun to see it. we also stayed with some other foreigners. The Lees were so hospitable with great food and she even made cookies, so I am forever sold on their family.

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