I'm working for HELP International as a Country Director in Hyderabad, India from May-August 2010.

Downstairs Tailor

So I'm having the woman downstairs make a dress for me. When I was asking about some options and trying to describe what I wanted, even with photos, she handed me a stack of pictures for "inspiration." She said I could choose from those designs and then she'll make it for me. I gingerly agreed and went on my merry way home to sit and look through the stack. There are some that are so amazing that I can not refrain from sharing them with the world.

Which should I order? It's such a hard decision. We may just have the whole team get matching ones for unity's sake. I also may just have these be my wardrobe for life. I'm pretty sure these are the most versatile outfits and would fit in at a disco, church, for laying out at the beach, for business meetings, and while playing sports.


  1. dying! think you might need to go for the one on the right. those stirrup trousers thing is hot!

  2. What kind of dress are you having them make? I think it would help everyone visualize this entry if we knew exactly what you were hoping for.